Curriculum Vitae
I am Sean "Kizzycocoa" Roberts. I am 21, live in the UK, and have just finished a university-level course in Interactive Media at Swindon College.

Recent Works

Unnamed Dungeon Crawler

I am currently at work on a Dungeon Crawler, based on VALVe's "Source" engine, alongside a friend of mine. We are working on a solid gameplay, to build a theme and story around.

Various Gmod maps

I have made several maps for Gmod, a massive modification for Half-Life 2. These maps are designed for several gamemodes,

Released maps

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff: THE MAOP

Website Works

Empower The Gambia
(Charity Website)

This is my latest website project, making a charity site for one of the tutors of Swindon College. It is still in development.

Website Link
(Personal Website)

Naturally, my own website is an ongoing project in of itself. There is still about half a website missing, but I'm happy with it for now, and will continue to improve it.

Website Link

Bill Master's Website
(Magician Website)

I made a website for a magician, going by the name of Bill Masters. The website was made fairly late due to various more pressing assignments, but turned out well in the end.

Website Link

Volunteer Works

The Minecraft Wiki

I worked as a volunteer moderator for 2 years.
I had to moderate user edits, ban users and make pages look better.

Job highlight

I was a big proponent of adding a "Herobrine" page. Herobrine was a fanmade ghost story character, who users used to plaster on the wiki as vandalism. After a long time of fighting to get him his own page, I finally got the greenlight to go ahead with it. With his own page on the wiki, "Herospam" dropped dramatically, as users no longer saw him as taboo. I was very proud that my reverse-psychology move paid off.

Various ModDB Pages

I am a volunteer moderator of several ModDB pages. Some I have only been working on for a few months, some, for a few years
I had to moderate user comments, filter out "junk" downloads and make the page look better. I also needed to upload news content periodically, to keep the page up to scratch.


Various Portal mods
The 7th Guest

Job highlight

I ran a "Quest for Cake" campaign for the Minecraft ModDB page, after asking Notch if he would add Cake to Minecraft, if it won the ModDB "Indie Game of the Year" award. Throughout, I teased with the campaign, and got a lot of notability. Cake is quite viral as a reward, ever since Portal popularised it.
My campaign got into the ModDB news reports on some of the best campaigns of the year, and the game came out as a winner of three categories.
while I know that it could have won the awards regardless, without my making the page for them in the first place, and the light touches of the campaign I ran, I like to think I helped them with the awards. Cake was then added into Minecraft.


I worked as a volunteer moderator for a year.
I had to moderate user posts, ban users and make the forum a better place to visit.

Job highlight

I built the entire Off-Topic portion of the forum
For a long while, I maintained a constant moderation over Off Topic. It quickly became the most popular board on the forum, and had thousands of posts. I made games, moderated endless "last user to post" threads and generally kept the place as a happy, calm environment.
Unfortunately, I left the entire forum due to disagreements with other moderators over how Off Topic should be run. The forums has since shut down, and restarted as "MyAPERTUREInnovations". I still miss moderating such a fun, lovely board.

Modification Works

Portal: Access All Areas

Portal: Access All Areas was my first mod project, and my most explosive.

This is because this was my very first project, and it was going to be larger than many full games released today.

While it failed spectacularly, this is perhaps my best project I have ever had. It taught me a lot about Public Relations, not starting out with unmeasurable ambitions and how I was no-where near ready to make content on such a massive scale.

Chamber One

This project was inspired by the great flash game, "This is the only level". The premise of this mod was to release a new map every week for a year, which is the game environment These maps would have different rules due to it's theme, gameplay or paths.

I was in full-time college study, so this project tapered away after the 4th map. That said, it was a fun project, and further widened my view as to how much effort was needed for a single map.


Higher National Diploma in Interactive Media (Merit) - 2 year course - June 2014

National Diploma in Media Production (PPP) - 2 year course - September 2011

Key Skills Level 2 - 1 year course - July 2011

Functional skills (Pass) - 1 year course - September 2010

Secondary School

Art and Design (Unendorsed) (C)
English Literature (B)
Preperation for Working Life (Level 1)
Mathematics Terminal Paper (Higher) (B)
Additional Science B: Unit 3 (Skills) Research, Data and Practical (B)
D & T Graphics Products (B)
German (D)
Science (C)
Science B: Unit 2 (B2 C2 P2) (B)
English (B)
Mathematics (B)
Additional Science (B)
Additional Science B: Unit 2 (B4 C4 P4) (B)