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As I've got this blog system down, I'm going to fill it with my thoughts on the newest revelations of the Steam paid-modding outrage.

I am so disappointed by the gut-wrenching decision VALVe have made to completely scrap the Paid Modding system. We've been set back years because VALVe dropped the ball on this bigtime.

Honestly, this would have been amazing. To charge £1-2 for my maps. But, that opportunity seems dead in the water for now, and modders may have been set back many, many years.

Why is it so repulsive to pay modders for their work? It's horrible to see some of the comments asking we die because we DARE think our work is worth something. Only on the internet would the value of someone's work be put to debate, and that is horrible. I now look at my audience, unsure if they would turn on me if I dared value my own work now.

The steam modding drop is just, depressing.