Game Concepts
Over the course of the last few years, I've come up with a number of game concepts. Sadly, most of these concepts have been cut due to the lack of a coding.

Most of these projects are either shelved, or stopped, with the intention to reuse the assets later if possible.

Ascent was my first attempt at creating a game. I made many tilesheets for Ascent, including for "parody" levels, done in the style of other games

The game is based on the concept of directing a robot, who's only able to walk forward. This could be done by placing arrows on the floor that the robot would turn at. The game was going to be horror-based.

I may return and reuse this content later. Perhaps for a kind of tense 2D shooter.

Box Art
Misc Screen
UI Demo

Citysquare was to be a freemium game, released on the iPad. It was a block-based town builder, with a premium currency that I designed to be as fair and unobtrusive as possible,

I didn't feel right to design such a game, but seeing as I am just starting out, I figured it would probably be the best sort of model, just for a startup. I then figured, if I were to do this sort of game, I would do it in a way that I would consider "fair".

Not many assets were used for this game, and it mostly remained a concept, once more, lacking code.

UI Demo
3D Demo
UI Demo

Stealthship is a codename for a WIP game. I had joined a coder in their project, in the hopes that I could actually complete a project, if only incidentally. Sadly, that didn't happen.

I had a lot of assets, including decorations and objects. As the IP is not mine, I feel I shouldn't describe what the game would have been like gameplay-wise.

Draft Environment