About Me
I am Sean "Kizzycocoa" Roberts. I am 22, live in the UK, and am currently working for Southern Voice and Data, and Pink Fish Associates.

I am primarily interested in the art of Environment Design in video games. I recall the first game I played, that inspired me to get into the field, was The 7th Guest. The grand staircase in the main room was inspiring, and stuck in my mind very early on.

I have had a passion for modding at a very early age. I recall wanting to make my own levels in Disney's "Castle of Illusion", and the classic "Lemmings". I took any kinds of modding I could, from the level editor in Chu Chu Rocket on the dreamcast, to creating new elements in Falling Sand games.
I then found Portal, and the Source Engine. The engine's tools drew me in, and after a month or so of making horrible maps, I resolved to make the biggest mod to exist for Portal.

My expirience in modding, from that point, taught me much. it taught me about public relations, about where I could find help, and about scale in projects.
The mod was, eventually, stopped. It was the first, and biggest failure in my modding aspirations. Yet, it was also the best course I could have ever taken on game design.

Nowadays, I am working on Gmod maps, and trying to get into Game Design.

So what have you done, exactly?

A fair bit! unfortunately my best learning was done on failed projects. I started off my mapping with an attempt at a full-blown sequel-esque modification to Portal. Naturally, it fell flat. But I found a great community in that process of mapping.

I made several portal maps, which launched me into mapping. Afterwards, I made several Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps. During this time, I was also a moderator on a few Portal-related forums.

I then became the moderator of the Minecraft Wiki, and created the Minecraft ModDB page. I was snagged on playing and moderating for Minecraft, until I returned to mapmaking.

I Returned to Source mapping to port several of my previous Deathmatch maps to Gmod, as well as to make new ones. So far, all of my maps have released with universally positive reactions.

Where did the name "Kizzycocoa" come from?

The name came from two chinchillas I owned, Kizzy and Cocoa. They were brothers, and after a incident involving the presence of other chinchillas nearby, Kizzy passed away.

Kizzycocoa has almost become a memorial alias, which I use to keep Kizzy's name alive. Even the avatar I use is the direct result of tracing his photo.